Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Resiliency of the Adjutant General Officer Article

The Resiliency of the Adjutant General Officer - Article Example The department is responsible for the total security of the state; thus, vital to the military. Basing on the ideologies of Shamir, the officer may experience short-term challenges that show stress-related concerns. Therefore, the officer should find the best method to manage the symptoms associated with stressful areas and improve performance. The resiliency of such an officer is evident in divergent pillars strengths such as family, emotional, sacred, bodily and communal. In relation to family, a secure, helpful and caring family is vital to the life of the officer as it assists in dealing with tension. The army itself is a family; thus, the officer has the opportunity to count on friends whenever there is a need. Interestingly, the officer has enormous responsibilities and can overcome this challenge by selecting soldiers who will act as assistants creating more time with their family. Seward asserts that physical resiliency of the officer is paramount as it does not involve the outside body fitness but also how the officer achieves divergent processes under tension; thus, the need for aerobic strength, vigor, and patience. This involves a body in good physical shape built and maintained using quality behaviors and sane choices. In order to have a healthy body, the officer should frequently exercise. In addition, proper eating habits are important. The Adjutant General Officer exercises emotional resiliency; thus, their ability to tackle difficulties with hope. Indeed, the officer may encounter rude and irresponsible soldiers; thus, should always exercise calmness in order to think clearly and make right decisions. In addition, it is fundamental to minimize anxiety as it creates concerns that will spread to others.

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